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You are one click away from your shift. To gain clarity, confidence and be committed to your success.

When you don’t make progress towards the things you feel called to do, it can start to chip away at your confidence. Even worse, it can make you feel like you’re pretending to be someone you’re not. That may create self doubt and limited beliefs. It’s time to bet on you!

I created 4C’s to Activate the Boss in you. It is designed to take your goals and visions from wishing to working & walking into them. Ask me about your life, how to start your business, how to be more confident.

Our 4 Step Approach

Step 1


The state or quality of being clear or transparent about your journey.

Step 2


Establishing the mental and moral qualities distinctive to you as an individual.

Step 3


Developing the feeling or belief that you can rely on yourself to be a BOSS!

Step 4


No battle can be won without dedicated efforts on your part.

What You'll Get

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Scalable processes

Learn how to build and create the systems that you need.

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Community engagement

You will be given special access to the exclusive online community of like-minded individuals.

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Professional guidance

From Dr. Estella Dior and her extensive team of professionals.

The BOSS behind the BRAND...

Dr. Estella Dior is an expert on Transformation Empowerment . Both her professional and personal endeavors rise above self love and growth  that promote individuality and creativity, to help you live a purpose filled life

As CEO of New Mindset Coaching and a Author and world Renowned speaker, Dr. Dior has the rare ability to electrify her audiences with original and creative ideas along with her undeniable Transformation and ability to push past her pass

She is committed to helping her clients  find their purposes, passions, and voices through unique Strategic pathways that encourage and empower others to embrace their past failures, while learning their strengths ultimately leading to individuals becoming the best version of themselves and doing their best work while building lasting legacies and creating wealth for generations to come.

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Award-winning Transformation Strategist


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Are you ready to

kickstart your BOSS life?

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